Human resources

Human resources

Guangdong zhaoqing xinghu bio-technology co., LTD., approved by the ministry of human resources in November 2000, agreed to set up a post-doctoral research station and was officially listed in April 2001.

The company is based on the national enterprise technology center and the postdoctoral research station is the main body

It has been successfully developed, transformed and industrialized products, such as inoside, proline, ribavirin and other biochemical products and food additives such as sodium disodium and inosilate.

Xinghu technology postdoctoral research station is mainly engaged in the development of new products, biological research, the development of new technology, such as work, post-doctoral scientific research workstation pay attention to the scientific research achievements into productivity, to ensure the xinghu technology products and technology in a leading position in the industry.

At the same time, the establishment of postdoctoral research station will be a win-win platform for developing local economy, cultivating talents, attracting talents and enterprise development.