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     Star Lake Bioscience Co., Inc. Zhaoqing Guangdong (hereinafter called Star Lake Bioscience) is a manufacturer which takes bio-fermentation and biochemical as its core techniques. In 1981, Star Lake Bioscience turned to produce MSG from an Agricultural Microorganism Factory, which was considered as its forerunner founded in 1964. Later in 1992, the state-owned Zhaoqing MSG factory turned into a joint-stock company and became one of the eight enterprises of joint-stock revolution in Guangdong Province. In August 1994, Star Lake Bioscience was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange with its abbreviation: Star lake Bioscience, and stock code: 600866. Star Lake Bioscience held 521 million shares capitals in total of which are unlimited sales shares. Now Star Lake Bioscience has over 2,700 employees.

     In April 2009, Guangdong Guangxin Holding Group Ltd acquired Star Lake Bioscience by obtaining 86 million shares from the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration of Zhaoqing City, accounting for 16.55% of total, then became the major shareholder of the latter.

    Star Lake Bioscience gained lots of significant honors in the pass a few years, such as Hi-tech enterprise of Guangdong Province, Preponderant enterprise in technological innovation of Guangdong Province, One of the key projects in National Torch Scheme and Outstanding high-tech enterprise in National Torch Scheme. Star Lake Bioscience obtained a title of “Leading Enterprise in National Food Industry” and a title of “Supreme Quality and Efficiency Enterprise in Chinese Food Industry” at the year of 2005-2006. In October 2008, Guangdong Food Profession Union and Guangdong Pharmaceutical Profession Association jointly awarded Star Lake Bioscience some important designations of Innovative enterprise of Medicine Industry in Guangdong Province, Enterprise with outstanding contribution to medicine and food industries in Guangdong Province, Enterprise with significant contribution in energy saving and emission control in Guangdong Province and Top 10 Bio-pharmaceutical Enterprise of Guangdong Province, etc. in the thirty years of Reform and Opening Up. At the same time, China Fermentation Industry Association recommended Star Lake Bioscience as a Pilot Enterprise of Circular Economy in China Fermentation Industry. In April 2009, trademark of “Star Lake Brand” was granted as a Chinese Well-know Trademark by Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. In the years of 2009 and 2010, Star Lake Bioscience was continuously awarded as the Most Competitive Enterprise of Guangdong Province by Guangdong Provincial Enterprises Confederation and Guangdong Provincial Association of Entrepreneurs. In 2010, Star Lake Bioscience was granted as Top 500 Enterprise of Guangdong Province and Top 100 Manufacturer of Guangdong Province.

     Star Lake Bioscience established a state level technology center and a postdoctoral research station so as to provide more motivities in technological innovation for further development.

    Subordinates of Star Lake Bioscience include Star Lake Bio-engineering Base Ribonucleotide Factory, Bio-fermentation Factory, Ribavirin Factory, Heating and power plant, Star Lake Bio-chemical Pharmaceutical Factory, Kehui Trading Ltd, Shenzhen Xingchuang Investment & Development Ltd. Star Lake Bioscience also is a major shareholder of Star Lake New Material Co., Ltd, Anzekang(Beijing) Co., Ltd, and Shanghai Boxing Gene-chip Ltd.

    Products of Star Lake Bioscience have been developed from MSG to Food Additives, Feed Additives, APIs and Finished Product of Drug. Main products of Star Lake Brand food additives include I+G, IMP and GMP. Yuebao Brand APIs include Inosine, Ribavirin, L-Proline, Guanosine, Adefovir Dipivoxil, D-para-Hydroxyphenyl glycine dane salt, Adenosine, L-Valine, L-Arginine, etc. Yuebao Brand finished product of drug is Adefovir Dipivoxil tablet. Among all the products, Inosine and Ribavirin are the leading products domestically and internationally. Ribonucleotide food additives of Star Lake Bioscience, who brought an end to the monopolization of foreign manufacturers in Chinese domestic market, are being considered as pivotal new products covering their own intellectual properties and national brands. Production scale of L-Threonine has been the first place in domestic China.

    The comprehensive quality control system of Star Lake Bioscience ensures all the products meet with the international advanced level. Star Lake Bioscience has obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate. Ribavirin API was approved by U.S.FDA and Australian TGA. L-Threonine got FAMI-QS certificate. Ribonucleotide products and pharmaceutical raw materials were certified by KOSHER, L-Proline was certified by COS, Yuebao Brand pharmaceutical raw materials were certified by Chinese GMP. Ribonucleotide factory gained HACCP certificate and Star Lake seasoning products got QS certificate.

    In December 2009, Guangxin-Star Lake Science and Technology Industry Park, built jointly by Guangdong Guangxin Holding Group Ltd and Star Lake Bioscience, was laid a foundation in Yongan Industry Park of Dinghu District. Star Lake Bioscience made an important step to expand into the high-end processing industry of nonferrous metal along with the construction of the project of high-precision aluminum sheet with an annual capacity of 100,000 metric tons.

    Making efforts to improve capacities of management and independent innovation, to enhance core-competitiveness and increase profitability, to improve international level and achieve sustainable development, Star Lake Bioscience will always insist on the scientific thought of development, continue to emancipate minds and adhere to reform and innovate in her new journey of development. Now, Star Lake Bioscience is exerting herself to build up a Chinese Famous & High quality Enterprise with constructing a Bio-engineering Industry R &D Base and a High-end Industry R & D Base of Nonferrous Metal in South China based on the strategies of a leapfrog and high-end development, internationalized management, transformation and upgrading.





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